Yes, There Is a Chocolate Mint Plant

Dec 19

Yes, There Is a Chocolate Mint Plant

Chocolate mint is best known as an amazing ice cream flavor that mixes two of the most popular dessert flavors out there, but many people don’t know that there actually is a chocolate mint plant. This isn’t the original way these flavors came into being, but one thing that really sticks out about this particular plant is that it really does combine the two flavors that it is named after: chocolate and mint. These green leaves are an herb within the mint family, making them extremely visually appealing while also including a chocolaty flavor to go with the mint.

The chocolate mint plant is an herb that is extremely popular with many gardeners and based on the amazing taste and beautiful appearance, it is sure to remain extremely popular.

Basic Planting & Growing Information
There’s a lot to understand about what you need in order to make sure these plants thrive…but not too much. The most important thing to understand is that chocolate mint plants can spread like wildfire, and while you might not think you can ever have too much mint or chocolate, you might be singing a different tune when this plant takes over your garden or starts spreading in every direction.

So early on make sure you find a good planting area that is well contained and ideally separate from the rest of your garden area. Mint is known for its ability to quickly and fully overrun a planting area, and this brand of the herb is no exception!

As far as good starting soil goes, mint loves extremely soggy and damp soil that gets a lot of water. Shade is also much better than sunlight when it comes to getting the most out of these plants. They can survive a light frost, but extended cold weather or a truly cold blast will destroy the crop, for this year, anyway.

Clippings can be planted the next year to bring back a new bumper crop.

Best Uses for Chocolate Mint
You can chocolate mint plant for a wide variety of different uses. This makes an outstanding tea that has some thickness on it that reminds you a bit of flavored hot cocoa. This adds a little more flavor to a healthy drink.

The second use is obvious: anywhere in cooking where you use chocolate, add in some chocolate mint to get that extra bit of flavor that will make it stand apart. Why settle for ordinary chocolate when you can add that extra bit of minty flavor.

Why not go with ice cream or even a little extra flavoring for your mojito? There are a lot of different ways that chocolate mint can really add that extra bit of flavor you’ve been looking for.

While a plant that tastes like both chocolate and mint sounds like a crazy idea from some cartoon, the fact that this herb is real and has an amazing array of uses. However, it’s an herb that wants to live so make sure you keep it contained so it doesn’t jailbreak!

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