Adding the Perfect Herbs for Energy

Dec 19

Adding the Perfect Herbs for Energy

Many people who even follow the most basic of nutritional news have some understanding of how food works when it comes to energy. Caffeine can give a bump but also leads to addiction and a post-caffeine crash. Carbs are a good source of quick energy that the body can burn fast, but if you want a long term solid energy you want a lot of protein. Most people with even a basic knowledge of how nutrition works understands these basic facts, but many times adding just a few of the right herbs can have a huge difference in boosting your energy.

Some of these herbs for energy come in the form of tea, others in supplement form, but the following are herbs you definitely want to look at!

The Perfect Herbs for More Energy!
Here’s just a short list of great herbs to boost your energy levels.

Golden Root (aka Roseroot or Aaron’s Rod)
This inexpensive root has been used in both Asia and Scandinavia for centuries. This herb has a reputation for also improving mood and helping to fight depression, which can also help boost energy in and of itself.

Maca was mostly unknown outside of Peru and the Andes Mountain region until a few years ago, but this is the closest to a miracle herb that the region has to offer. Maca was not only seen as a necessary herb to keep energy up in the oxygen light high altitude areas of Ecuador and Peru, but it also is sometimes referred to for vitamins, mood enhancement, and the always popular sexual stimulant.

Asian Ginseng
Sometimes referred to as Panax ginseng roots, is a very popular herb that actually has had a lot of study done on it. Not only is this type of ginseng a proven anti-inflammatory, but it can improve mood, give energy, and even help to stabilize and regulate blood sugar. There’s a reason this herb shows up in so many natural treatments, supplements, and even energy drinks.

Holy Basil
Holy basil doesn’t have nearly as much known about it as many of the other herbs. The energy from holy basil comes from its pain killing and health properties. Just a short list of the issues this basil help treat include giving relief for colds, headaches, inflammation, and as a stress reliever. Oddly, there is even evidence that holy basil can help withe recovery from radiation poisoning. Holy indeed!

Stinging Nettle
Long known as a useful medicinal herb by Native Americans, stinging nettle comes in tea form and is so loaded with vitamins and minerals that it gives a burst of energy – without any of the caffeine found in traditional tea. This makes stinging nettle ideal for those sensitive to stimulants.

Green Tea
Whether as a true tea or in capsule form it’s not just the caffeine, but non-caffeinated works as well. Green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants, full of polyphenols, and a natural cancer fighter.

In Conclusion
When you’re looking for herbs for energy, there are literally dozens of choices out there but don’t overlook the ones listed in this article. Try adding a few to your daily and monthly regiment and see just how quickly fatigue becomes a distant memory!

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